Turkey Time Salsa – For ANY Time!

Jenny Elfving came to the SFL Food Swap last week, with an impressive array of goodies. First there was her Sweet Curry Rub that made last night’s grilled chicken extra yummy.  I was bummed that I didn’t swap for more of her Green Tea Spiced White Wine, which was used to celebrate the success of the first swap the same night.  No point in letting something so good sit in the fridge, right?

My favorite thing I from that night was her Turkey Time Salsa.  Cranberry sauce, jalapeno, oranges, cilantro and white balsamic make this salsa fun and festive for any day or night of the year.  It carries a bit of punch which wakes up your tastes buds and leave them calling out for more.   She was kind enough to send us a link of the recipe posted in Jan Norris’ website.   RECIPE HERE

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4 Responses to Turkey Time Salsa – For ANY Time!

  1. that was a good salsa, unfortunately it was all gone before I could get any!

  2. I know! Jenny will hopefully make more for the next swap. Did you try her Rub?? It was awesome!!!

  3. Jan Norris says:

    The salsa is great poured over some cream cheese and eaten with crackers, too – but I added cinnamon and allspice and some cumin, and used it on chicken for an exotic dish. Delish.

  4. I’m blushing! Thank you ladies! You have the recipe now so I’ll try to come up with something new and fun for the next time 🙂 but if when the time comes and you guys want more salsa I will happily oblige! Such an ego stroke that I wouldn’t be able to refuse. 🙂

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