First SFL Food Swap

After much planning, promoting and cooking, the time came to host the event.  The ladies from Point Pleasant Spa were gracious enough to donate the use their yoga room for the event.  Everyone attending was new to this, and we all had reservations, but as soon as the tables were set everything started flowing smoothly.  We talked about recipes, gardening and experimenting (YEY!).  I was in the zone, trading tricks and getting cooking tips.  Once during the evening, I caught my sister-in-law laughing at me. On the ride home she confensed that she was poking fun because “those people are just like you.” Right she is, I found my niche!

Jan Norris who was there swapping and covering the event for the local newspaper brought Peanut Toffee.

Jan Norris' Peanut Toffee

Jenny delighted us with Green Tea White Wine, Sweet Curry Rub (this stuff is killer on grilled chicken), and my favorite Orange Cranberry Salsa.

Debi grows her own herbs, dries them and make the most wonderful spices.

Then we had mangos, blueberry muffins, heirloom tomato seelings, and banana muffins.

I made Beef Empanadas, Colombian Aji, Blackberry Jelly, Marshmallows, Carrot & Leek Soup.

Lynn made a very yummy pumpkin bread.

All in all we had a great selection of goodies.  Here is a picture the 1st Swap participants… Happy as clams holding our goodies.

Special thanks to Fayra Castro, my photographer for the night.

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