A Starting Point…

About two months ago, I read an article in The Kitchn about Food Swaps popping around all over the country.  I was excited! This was it!  The answer to my kitchen experiments.  I mean, a group of people just like ME that will be willing to try my concoctions.  I searched the list for anything close to South FL, but alas… the closest one was in NY at that time.  Dang it!

I sent out a couple of emails to the Head Swapper from the Minnesota MPLS Swappers, Kim Christensen and she made the organization of one sound so easy, that I had to give it a shot.

BEHOLD… the power of social media.  I started a Facebook Page, opened a Twitter account, added the event on Yelp, and emailed every news station, local blog and newspaper I came across on Google searches.  Within a couple of days I got enough replies to keep my spirits up, and as the date got closer I was more persistent with these bloggers and reporters.  Enough that THREE articles were written about the upcoming Swap.  I was over the moon and doing all sorts of funky chicken dances (seriously).

Once I started getting emails from people interested in attending, chicken dances escalated to full fledge conga lines with my two kids.  These were my people reaching out.  One person wanted to bring spices, another salsa, a third muffins.  So after diligently promoting this event, I can say that my smile went from ear to ear last night.

To all those thinking about starting a Food Swap in their area: Go For It!! It is so much fun coming home with homemade edibles that people with the same passion for cooking made.

Happy Swapping!

Here are the articles that were written.  I want to thank all of these ladies for their support, Jan Noris (article), Paula Niño (article) and  Trina Sargalski (article).

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